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The anniversary in Greifswald

When Caspar David Friedrich came into the world on 5 September 1774 in Greifswald, no one could have imagined that one of the most famous German painters had just been born. Even so, his artistic talent was discovered at an early age and he received private lessons from the teacher of academic art at the University of Greifswald. Greifswald is not only the birthplace of German Romanticism’s foremost artist, but also the first place he studied.

In 2024 Germany is celebrating the 250th birthday of Caspar David Friedrich with the whole world.

As a young man, Friedrich first moved to Copenhagen and later to Dresden. Yet Greifswald remained a key part of the painter’s life, as it was there he visited family and found inspiration from nature on his walks. In Greifswald, the original paintings meet the very landscapes they depict and visitors encounter the painter’s early life first hand, making his home city and the Pomerania region one of the biggest open-air museums for Friedrich’s work. Caspar David Friedrich’s world can be experienced up close in Greifswald, with authentic places from his life and work transporting us back into Friedrich’s time. Visitors can see his father’s workshop and learn more about Friedrich’s life at the Caspar David Friedrich Centre, on the site of the house in which he was born.

Events across all artistic mediums to honour the anniversary.

In a year-round programme of events, the city of Greifswald will be celebrating its most famous son in 2024. Special exhibitions, concerts, theatre productions, readings, salons, and many other events will take place in Greifswald. 160 events ensure something for everyone.

Alongside the highlights there will also be many events for tourists and Greifswald residents alike. In addition to the diverse event programme, visitors will be inspired to explore the surrounding nature by bike or on foot, just like in Friedrich’s time. Caspar David Friedrich’s  world comes to life all over his birth city. Celebrate the big anniversary “250 Years of Caspar
David Friedrich – From Greifswald to the World” with us in 2024.

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